The Hand of Shilen is the first Royal Guard Order founded within the Echoes of Darkness. It is named in honor of the clan's historic first name, and currently houses the names of the founding members Tatiyana and Drevan, both of whom hold a place of honor within the clan. Unlike the group it is named for the Guard Order of the Hand of Shilen does not exclude any race or faith from service.

In recent months the Hand of Shilen, under the leadership of Dame Allana Kolarae, has focused its interests on primarily Security and Defense of clan assets. Their members actively take part in defensive measures both at home and abroad. It is not uncommon to see armored members bearing the insignia of the Hand of Shilen patrolling the hallways or guarding key entrances and exits at any hour. It is rumored the unit is employing other less overt classes to further defense of the clan's holdings.


Captain Dark Avenger, Leader of the Hand of Shilen
Allana Lynn Kolarae

Lieutenant Treasure Hunter, in charge of scouting
Armsman Gladiator, in charge of Blade Training

Member Necromancer