This user is either an inactive or former member of the Echoes of Darkness.

Full Name: Tharik Haristal
Date of Birth: Late Summer
Age: Around 28 in human years.
Race: Kamael
Gender: Male
Hair: Purple and white
Skin: Pink
Eyes: Red
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 198 lbs

Place of residence: Isle of Souls, currently travelling around the Open Lands
Place of Birth: Isle of Souls
Known Relatives: None living. He's however Varnak's best friend since childhood.

Religion/Philosophy: Tharik doesn't follow any religion at all. He respects the Kamael beliefs but doesn't follow them himself.

Occupation: Soul Breaker
Group/Guild affiliation: None at the moment.
Guild Rank: None
Enemies: None at the moment

Likes: Women, parties, wine, music, cooking
Favorite Foods: Any kind of meat.
Favorite Drinks: Wine
Favorite Colors: Black and Red.
Weapons of Choice: Rapiers
Dislikes: Hypocrisy, fake social standards.
Hobbies: Fighting, Partying, swimming, drinking, studying dark magic, cooking and Women... .

Physical Features: Tall, very handsome, lean yet muscular, shoulder-length hair that he usually tied up in a pony tail so it won't get in the way when fighting (no, he doesn't have the dreadlocks IC. Just the long hair tied in a pony tail and the two small braids that fall on the sides of his face).

Special Abilities: Rapier fighting and use of dark-based magic. He also has a minor precognitive ability that comes to him in form of visions, images that come to his mind in a short period of time, and that often he needs to interpret, although he generally do not care too much about that, unless the images show something that perks his curiosity or are useful to him in a personal level.

Positive Personality Traits: Open-minded, very charming, a great sense of humor. Loyal to his friends. He's also very witty and very smart, always has a quick answer to everything

Negative Personality Traits: Womanizer, very impatient. A rather dark-based nature. Sometimes he can be rather selfish.

History: Tharik was born in a family of Soul Breakers, but from a very young age, he showed his very independent nature. He spent quite a while at Varnak's house as a child and a young man, especially after his father's death in battle, beginning a long-time friendship with him and his sister. Despite his love for women in general and his womanizer nature, he's also very respectful of his friends. He would gladly kill to defend anyone he truly cares about, although the number of people he actually cares about isn't that large. His easy-going nature made him be a constant presence on Salerna's dance parties, and the two of them formed a very interesting friendship, despite his efforts to get their relationship to a deeper level (and her constant refusal, which makes it all the more amusing to him). He's very successful with women, as well, having had a good number of affairs, but never fell in love with any particular woman.

At this moment, he decided to explore the lands beyond the Isle of Souls as part of his Soul Breaker training.