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The Talking Island Village is the starting place of all Humans in Lineage 2. It is located on a large island off the western shores of Aden, south of Gludin Village. The majority of Humans worship Einhasad, believing her to be their creator. This untruth is propagated by the Church of Einhasad. Humans were in actuality created by Gran Kain and have created this false belief.

Territory Edit

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Talking Island Village is a part of Gludio's territory. The village is located somewhat centrally on the island between Cedric's Hall and Einhovant's school. It has the following areas within its boundaries:

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City Guard


Warriors Guild

Weapons and Armor Shop

Grocery Store

Einhasad Temple

Around Town

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Teleportation Edit

The gatekeeper within the city, Roxxy offers teleportation to the following locations:

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See the Gludio manor.