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Map of Talking Island's Territory

This article refers to the island's above ground Hunting Zones and Territory of Gludio.
For information about the village of Talking Island, see Talking Island Village.
For information regarding the dungeon on talking island, see Elven Ruins.

Talking Island Eastern Territory is a level 1+ Hunting Zone and Talking Island Northern Territory is a level 8+ Hunting Zone.

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Talking Island was once a territory of the Light Elves. The Elven Ruins and Obelisk of Victory still stand as proof of this. Long ago the humans allied with the Elves. The Elves taught the Human race their magics, to their downfall. When the orcs were beaten, the Humans turned on their supposed superiors and the Elves were forced to retreat back into their forests.

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A list of quests taking place on Talking Island

Obelisk of Victory Edit

Obelisk of Victory

The Obelisk of Victory in the center of Talking Island

This towering stone monument stands in the center of Talking Island, not far from the ruins that were once the Elven Magic School. It was constructed 514 years before the Human Empire was formed. It remains as a tribute to the Elven victory over the Orcs. Four twenty foot tall stone sentinels stand poised upon each corner of the enormous obelisk depicting ancient Elven Soldiers.

The victory over the orcs, which is celebrated by this monument, was mostly do to the alliance between the Humans and Elves. As they fought the Light Elves taught Humans to wield their magics, which would eventually be turned upon the Elves.

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Sir Collin Windawood can often be found near the obelisk along with a small contingent of nameless guards.

Talking Island Eastern Territory Edit

The Eastern Territory includes all the territory immediately surrounding the Village, and reaches as far as west the Obelisk of Victory, and as far south as the Talking Island Harbor. It is a level 1+ hunting zone and home to the nearly famous Elpy, a small furred animal similar to a rabbit.

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Talking Island Northern Territory Edit

Despite its name the Northern Territory not only covers the northern point of the island but stretches down most of the western coast of the island as well including nearly all the lands west of the Obelisk of Victory. This area is a level 8+ hunting zone.

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Elven Ruins Edit

See: Elven Ruins

Einhovant's School of Magic Edit

File:TI Einhovants School of Magic01.jpg

Separated from the Village of Talking Island by a mountain, Einhovant's School of Wizardry is positioned beside a small lake. Here those humans with magical talents are trained. Human Mystics enter the world of Lineage II here.

The creator of the school, Einhovant is somewhat mysterious. Very few even claim to have witnessed him.

Inside Einhovant's School of Magic

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Cedric's Training Hall Edit

File:TI Cedric's Training Hall01.jpg

Cedric's Training Hall is located on a very small island, just off the main body of Talking Island. It is reachable by a bridge that spans the short distance between the two islands. All Human fighters begin within Cedric's Training Hall. Though the inside falls into its own region, the small amount of the island outside the Hall falls into the Talking Island Eastern Territory.

The hall was built by the retired legendary paladin, Sir Cedric (spelled Sir Sedrick elsewhere). His health has diminished now, and he has given over running the hall to his nephew, Sir Roien.

Inside Cedric's Training Hall

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The Elven Lighthouse by Talking Island Village

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The Singing Waterfall on Talking Island

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  • Ramius

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