Title(s) Abyssal Mother
Homeplane The Abyss
Power Level God-Child

Shilen is the eldest daughter and first-born of the God-Children. She was initially granted power over the water spirits, but had said power stripped by Einhasad when it was discovered she was having an affair with Gran Kain. After being expelled from the continent, she created the Abyss[1] and introduced death to the world.

When Gran Kain came to Shilen to create the Humans, all Shilen could give was the spirit of stagnant and rotten water. It is worth noting that it was Shilen that first tried to persuade Gran Kain against creating the Humans.[2]

Dogma Edit

The Faith Edit

After the Fall of Giants, the Elves, Orcs and Humans fought endless wars for domination of the continent. Many thousands died on the battlefield. Humans experienced an unprecedented level of destruction, yearning for the next world. Just as the souls of brave Orc fighters are consumed into the fires of Paagrio, so too did the Humans need a god to promise reprieve after death. They began to raise their prayers to Shilen.

These devotees of death called themselves the Children of Shilen, and in time their influence became widespread. Fierce wars between the races reached a catastrophic end, as the Humans emerged victorious from the pile of ashes, with the Children of Shilen an important part of their society.[3]

Lilith is a major factor in the Church of Shilen.


Shilen's Statue in The Shilen Temple, near Dark Elven Village

Notes Edit

  1. Also called The Underworld.
  2. Shilen was very surprised and told him, "Father, why do you want to do such a thing? Einhasad, my mother, is responsible for creation. Please do not covet the type of work that is not yours. A creature who receives life from a god of destruction will only bring about disaster."