Sea of Spores is a is a level 40 to level 50 Hunting Zone in the territory of Oren, northwest of the city. Despite being just East of the Dark Elven Village and just North of the Light Elven Village, the zone is not accessable from either direction.

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After defeating the orcs together, the Humans turned upon their Elven allies.[1] The Sea of Spores was the location of the fiercest battle during this war.[2] The humans, having gained the knowledge of magic while fighting the Orcs, and their superior numbers, proved to be more of an adversary than the Elves believed they could be. Pressed hard, and losing the battle, the Elves resorted to powerful forbidden magics, reducing the surrounding landscape to ruin.[3]

The concentration of magic used by the Elves unbalanced the the natural energies of the land, it destroyed the forest and its ecosystem, turning it into a rotten swamp. The debris of the ancient forest festered and spawned great tree like fungi in place of the former trees that are still distorted by the expenditure of so much magic ages ago. At the center of the sea, one can still find the Mother of the Forest and Elves and bark of Cruma from which various fungi and plants propagate. Like snow the giant fungi drop their spores, blanketing the swamp. Where the spores land, the land changes and the corruption spreads.[4]

In an effort to stop the spreading of the Sea of Spores, the Humans of the Ivory Tower erected a magical barrier and tower to contain the spores.[5] This barrier, maintained by the magical power of the Humans is still the only thing preventing the corruption from spreading.[6]

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There are a variety monsters and beings roaming the rotting land beyond the Ivory Tower's magical barrier. Some of those beings are the souls of fallen soldiers, who perished in the great battle between the Elven and Human armies. Tainted by the evil magics that corrupt the land, and tormented in their innability to rest they roam the spore covered terrain. Others within the Sea of Spores, such as the Golems and summoners, have been sent from the Ivory Tower and work to contain the corruption and maintain the force field that contains the rot. Still others are rumored to be plants, fungi, and creatures native to the region that through prolonged exposure have evolved by some vile metamorphosis and adapted to the toxic environment within the forcefield..[7]

Orfen's Nest Edit

In the northwest corner of the Sea of spores is a large circular nest, with a giant spiderweb spun out above it. When injured severely, the Arachne, Orfen retreats to this point. It is heavily guarded with the following creatures:

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Orfen Edit



Rotten Tree Repiro Edit

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Dread Avenger Kraven Edit

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Orfen's Handmaiden Edit

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Notes Edit

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