When a clan reaches level 6, a Royal Guard may be created. Upon creation of a Royal Guard, one of the clan members must be appointed an administrator. Up to 2 Royal Guards may be created. The maximum number of members in a Royal Guard is 20.

Disbandment Edit

Once created, Royal Guards and Orders of Knights cannot be dissolved unless the clan is dissolved.

When the administrator of each unit withdraws from their clan, the unit remains, and the administrator position becomes vacant. In this case, the clan leader must appoint a new administrator.

The reappointment of the unit administrator can be done through an NPC that is in charge of clan-related activities.

Organizational Structure Edit

The organizational structure of the units are as follows[1]:


Rights Within the Clan Edit

* The clan name of the sub-unit should be the same as the clan.
   * The clan crest and insignia should be also the same as the clan.
   * Sub-units can use the same channel as the clan for clan chat and alliance chat.
   * Sub-units can use the same clan hall, castle, and bulletin board as the clan. 
    (However, if the clan leader changes the rights settings, this right may no longer apply.)

Sub-units can participate in a clan war and siege war under the same conditions as the clan.

References Edit

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