Monastery of Silence
Level Range: 78
Dungeon Location: On the border of
Rune Township &
Town of Goddard
Manor Territory: Rune Township
Quests: Relics of the Old Empire
Monastery of Silence Map



Monastery of Silence is a level 80+ in Rune Township territory, South of Frozen Labyrinth, West of Valley of Saints and North of the Garden of Beasts. It can be reached through the Town of Goddard as well.


The Monastery of Silence was established and built by the Order of Saint Solina, a branch of the Einhasad Temple[1]. The place serves for intense prayers and meditation that require long-term seclusion from the outside world. Because of its cloistered location, it is free from wars and political conflicts. The priests still preserve the old tradition of the Order. There are rumours that incredible holy items are stored inside the chambers of the monastery.


Servants of the Order of Saint Solina reside here. Silent, rarely speaking with outsiders, conducting their rituals, but also quick to attack anyone they suspect of intruding upon that which they protect, that which Saint Solina left behind. The Grail of Splendor or just the Holy Grail, hidden within the the locked Room of Splendor, past an ostensibly broken bridge. And let's not forget about the celestial beings, always ready to give a hand to the monks. Do not break squares. Do not wield weapons. Carry them hidden and try to blend in. Then, you might pass unharmed. But if you despise 'Einhasad's holy fiff-raff' and enjoy beating them up, let's just say that Dark magic really ruffles their feathers.

Echoes of Darkness and the alliance of RisingBlades combating Monastic Crusader groups in the Monastery of Silence.

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  1. Guard Ballard, Rune Township