Title(s) Crafter of Heaven
Homeplane Plane of Earth
Power Level God-Child

Maphr is the second daughter and third-born of the God-Children. She was given control over the earth when she was created, and is viewed as the creator of all dwarves, who also view her as the Matron of prosperity.

When Gran Kain came to her for the creation of Humans, Maphr gave him the spirit of the barren and contaminated earth.

Dogma Edit

It is said that the goddess gave dwarves the ability to create anything in accordance with the law of the universe. Devout dwarves are to always acknowledge her gifts and be thankful, as it is viewed that all of their abilities are gifts of Maphr. Dwarves are not to become arrogant. Those exemplary believers who donate ten million adena to the Sanctuary of Maphr are given an idol, created by Craftsman Capuni to take into their house to return the grace of the goddess.[1]

The Faith Edit

Hero Lucien was born with the blessing of Maphr and fought against the Earth Wyrm Trasken. His story is one told as inspiration of faith: "Only those who truly believe in the goddess' bounty will find what they seek." [2]

Notes Edit

  1. Priest of the Earth Zimnef.
  2. Priestess of the Earth Chichirin