The Magpie Brothers are a band of dwarven Bounty Hunters regarded as ruffians and scoundrels by honorable dwarves. They wear a brooch to signify their membership. The Magpie Brothers are apostates who do not hesitate to dishonor their Dwarven ancestors. They dig up graves and rob them of whatever items they find of value. They are especially fond of shiny objects, and thus have earned their moniker, "Magpie Brothers." [1]

They robbed the graves of the ancient Dwarven kings in the labyrinth of Schuttgart and sold the stolen goods, the most holy relics of the Dwarven race, to the highest bidder. They were banished from the Kingdom of Elmore for the crime. After their banishment from Elmore they traveled to Aden. There they stole ancient relics of Elmoreden from the National Cemetery.[2] At least three of the band were killed while searching Dragon Valley for the eggs of Wyrms at the behest of Martien who is working for Sir Gustav Athebalt.[3]

Martien tells the player he sent several dwarven bounty hunters into Dragon Valley in search of Wyrm and Drake eggs, indicating that the band consisted of more than 3 members, and so some may still be alive, as only 3 bodies of the Magpie Brothers are found in the valley.[4]

Known Members Edit

  • Lutz (Deceased)
  • Kurtz (Deceased)
  • Fritz (Deceased)

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