The Lionna server was the unofficial role-playing server for the NCSoft game Lineage 2. It was the fourth server in the list, and home to many of the role-playing clans listed at the Lineage 2 Role-Playing Association. Along with the Kain server, Lionna was merged on June 24th, 2008 to become Aria.

Some time ago, Mistryl (the former community manager) conducted a server personality poll. To view the results of that poll, click here.

Who is Lionna?

Lionna is a female Warlord who is led by fate, advancing arduously towards the path of a Lord. From a merchant's family in Innadril, she had a childhood dream that foretold she would become a Lord. She was condemned of treason for revealing her dreams. Lionel Hunter, the Lord of Innadril, had a premonition of Lionna's fate and pardoned her, adopting the child as his goddaughter. Following Lionel's recommendation, she traveled to Goddard, where she met an underling of Valakas, the Fire Dragon. Preparing for the approaching epoch of chaos, Lionna continues her journey, gathering a force of those who share her beliefs…