The Dwarven Gray Pillar Guild working alongside a human magician by the name of Nellis attempted to finish the Titan's Sky Wagon project. They attempted to use a blend of dwarven technology and magic to complete the project. The train station in the center of the Plunderous plains was built to transport the raw materials for the sky train from the Dwarven lands to the construction site. The Dwarven King passed away before the completion of the project and the governance of the dwarves fell to the various Dwarven Guild Elders. The Gray Pillar Guild eventually had to cease work on the great project due to climbing costs, and pressure from the other Guild Elders.

The Gray Pillar Guild is seeking to collect all the blueprints of the Tower of Insolence so they can obtain the technical knowledge of how the Tower of Insolence was built by their ancestors.[1]

Filaur, Elder of the Gray Pillar Guild is seeking to have his guild construct an amazing building to secure his place as First Elder in the upcoming elections. To do this he hopes to gain the information the Black Anvil has reasearched on the Cruma Tower and employ the technologies of the giants.[2]


  • Filaur - Elder of the Gray Pillar
  • Walderal - Aden Warehouse Keeper

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