Giant's Cave Location

Giant's Cave is a large area located southeast of Aden designed for higher-level characters[1]. With the advent of the Gracia: Epilogue expansion, it is suitable for level 80+ party-based hunting.

Lore Edit

In the Era of Myths, some of the Giants avoided the wrath of Einhasad’s cold eyes by escaping to the lost High Plateau, while others came to these caves nearby the plateau. With the passing of time, the giants gradually degenerated, until they found themselves controlled by the mechanical devices they had themselves created. Those unfortunate giants that were absorbed by the machines lost the dignity of a high race and descended to the status of pitiful evil creatures. Although these giants have deteriorated intellectualy, their large, strong bodies are still fearsome to the Humans.


Notes Edit

  1. Prior to the Gracia: Epilogue expansion, it was designed for groups between levels 65-70.