Map of Frozen Labyrinth

The Frozen Labyrinth is a Level 53+ field-type Hunting Zone located Southeast of the Town of Schuttgart, and east of the Archaic Laboratory.


Elmoreden Empire's princess Felicia controlled this vast and complicated maze valley and it used to be called Summer Labyrinth. But its name was changed to Frozen Labyrinth because it has been covered with ice and snow due to the Frozen Curse cast by the princess after she had become the Ice Queen Freya. The area remains wintery all year round since the curse's inception and is therefore frequented by Dwarves who make their living by digging ice and selling it.

Frozen LabyrinthEdit

Creatures The following level 53-63 creatures can be found within the Frozen Labyrinth.

The Ice Merchant's CabinEdit


The Ice Merchant's Cabin

In the very center of the Frozen Labyrinth is a small cabin protected by a magical field that manages to fend off the Ice Queen's dark magic. The result is a small bastion of lush green trees and grass amid the frozen wasteland of the Labyrinth. The cabin is inhabited by the Ice Merchant Rafforty, who provides various services to adventurers, not all them requiring his ice cutting table. 


The Other Side of Truth An Ice Merchant's Dream

Frost LakeEdit

This lake is located in the northwest of Schuttgart territory. It was formed in the lower area of the valley and is covered in ice. Some fishermen enjoy ice fishing here.

Freya's GardenEdit

The seven Dwarf maestros who adored Freya made this long and complicated maze garden. It used to be beautiful but turned into a place covered with ice after Freya's Frozen Curse was cast.

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