The Forest of Mirrors is a level 40+ area located south of Aden and east of Hunter's Village.

Lore Edit

This forest is large and thick so the sun cannot reach the ground. They say Forest of Mirrors Ghost, who is one of the evil creatures of Shilen, is in this place, and the Ghost takes one's memory away. It is known that people come here following an identical image of theirs.

The Forest of Mirrors is where Doppelgangers, creatures of Shilen, are found. These beings, also known as the dark children of mirror, have the ability to appear in the image of the other races, such as Humans and Elves. Because they merely imitate other beings and exist without an identity of their own, Doppelgangers have only hostile feelings for other races.

In the past, it was known as the Forest of Dopplegangers. It is said that you die instantly if you see one. Commonly accepted by the Hunter's Village is the knowledge[1] that if you travel through the forest and hear someone following you through the woods, you must never look back but run away with your eyes covered.


Anghel Waterfall Edit

When the lost high plateau was formed by the power of Gran Kain, the originally small waterfalls reached thousands of meters in height due to rapid topographical changes. The citizens of Aden, awed by the majestic waterfalls, believed they were built by the power of the angels and named them Angel Waterfalls. Over the years, the name of the waterfall has changed from Angel to Anghel.

Legend[2] says that the nest of a vicious creature is hidden inside the waterfall. The creature masquerades in human form and devours unsuspecting passerby.

Several years ago, a search party entered the waterfall looking for a missing person and only one, a Cleric returned, dying with the word 'zahak' on his lips.

After hearing the word, many of the Magisters went pale, but the Grand Magister whispered something to them, and they have since kept quiet.


Notes Edit

  1. Guard Gardner, Hunter's Village
  2. Guard Paros, Hunter's Village