Title(s) The Muse
The Reluctant Goddess
Homeplane Plane of Water
Power Level God-Child

Eva is the fifth-born of the God-Children and last-born daughter. She is the Goddess of Water and the Mother of Inspiration. The elves view Eva as their creator and matron, calling her "Elvas[1]", despite what has been published in Kaysha's Revelation (found in the Forgotten Truth quest).

Eva did not contribute to the spirits that made up the Human race, as she was not yet Goddess of Water.

Eva inherited the power of water when Einhasad discovered the affair between Gran Kain and Shilen and stripped the eldest daughter of her powers and expelled her. Eva was reluctant to take the power, resulting in a catastrophic flood that nearly destroyed the world. Einhasad and Gran Kain chastised her and forced her to take control of the water spirits to prevent the demise of everything.

Eva was once seen as an unapproachable and sacred goddess by the Elves of the Elven Forest, but the citizens of Innadril view her as a much more accessible and personal goddess, known locally as the "Lady of the Lake[2]."

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Eva statue
Statue of Eva in Eva's Temple, Heine

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  1. Priest Tanios, Heine
  2. Priestess Restina, Heine