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Level 8 Role-Playing Clan : Chronos Server : Lineage 2

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The Echoes of Darkness is the premier dark role-playing clan in the NCSoft game Lineage 2, found on the Chronos Server, under the guidance of Olorae en'Eveil and the Council of Elders, comprised of Allana L Kolarae, and Sadori en'Eveil.

The roster of the clan includes members of every race, and many classes, all of which have some ties to darkness, be they members of the Cult of Shilen, murderers, thieves, or would-be despots.

The Echoes of Darkness is the founding clan of the Shades of Grey alliance.

Legacy Edit

The Echoes of Darkness is a clan that has existed from Open Beta and the beginning of the Lionna server.

Initially, the clan was under the leadership of Abyssal Celebrant Tatiyana as the Hand of Shilen, a clan focused on the dark elves, those who worshiped Shilen, its banner a white hand upon a black and red field.

Over time, the clan began to grow and expand, and before long a space became available for orcs and dwarves, though they served as little more than contracted muscle and slaves.

Eventually, Celebrant Tatiyana was recalled to the temple and the clan began to grow stale. It was then that a young orc named Phunbaba took up a new banner to lead those who were still loyal. The Dark Hand was the new standard, a black hand upon a crimson field, and it grew to be recognized just as the Hand of Shilen had been known before.

But as Tatiyana before him, so too did Phunbaba feel the ravages of time and his duties pulled him away from his seat atop the council and the clan. When the banner fell, it was a younger Celebrant, Olorae en'Eveil, that lifted it.

The days of purity had passed, and it was seen that prejudices would need to be set aside if the clan were to prosper, and the Echoes of Darkness was born.

Through turbulent times, the Echoes succeeded, seeing both days of feast and days of famine. At times, there were many, at times only a handful, but ever did the vigilant spirit and burning devotion remain, burning as it had through the ages.

No truer did this flame burn than when the lands were swept up by a maelstrom of chaos, with the lands of Lionna and Kain coming together in a great conflagration, the end result a new land, known only as Aria.