Dame Allana Kolarae is a Dark Avenger and member of the Council of Elders.

Full Name: Allana Lynn Kolarae
Date of Birth: Late Spring
Age: 27 Years Old
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Skin: Tanned
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 150 lbs +/-

Biography Edit

Place of residence: Her personal quarters in the Echoes' Clan Hall in Gludin
Place of Birth: Talking Island, an old inn.
Known Relatives: Her estranged father

Religion/Philosophy: She respects both the God Gran Kain and the Goddess Shilen, however she does not worship either with much fervor or devotion. Olorae has been instructing her in the ways of Shilen. She remains strong in her belief that she chooses her path, and though the gods might intervene at times, a persons destiny is ultimately that of their own choosing.
Occupation: Dark Avenger
Group/Guild Affiliation: Echoes of Darkness
Guild Rank: Council Member, and Captain of the Hand of Shilen Guard Order
Enemies: The Golden Lions Mercenary Corp, Cult of Shilen Radicals, Blind Followers of Einhasad

Likes: Training, improving, simple and functional things, Max
Favorite Foods: Apple pie, elpy stew.
Favorite Drinks: Hot Cider
Favorite Colors: Violet
Weapons of Choice: An enchanted and augmented Dark Legion's Edge Sword with Health SA.
Dislikes: Luxurious things, frilly or lacy objects
Hobbies: Practicing her martial prowess, and blade masteries.

Physical Features: A pretty woman in her late twenties, her form is very muscular.

Special Abilities: Some lesser black magics, the ability to summon Max at will, and a severe tollerance for pain.
Positive Personality Traits: Strong willed, Dominant.
Negative Personality Traits: Domineering.
Misc. Quirks: Allana has little interest in pleasures, she feels that luxuries and pampering are a weakness.

History: Dreams of Glorious Adventure

Stories Edit


Failure to Report Everyone is trying to locate the lost Paladin.
Dreams of Glorious Adventure Allana's Background Story
RP Summary May 24 2007 A Burglar breaks into the Clan Hall.
RP Summary May 31 2007 Echoes deals a blow to those who sent the burglar
RP Summary June 21 2007 Echoes flattens Ous'mator estate (Jhaelle knocked it down!)
Still Waters Allana considering the escape of Analosi.

Recent Events Edit

Old News

  • Allana Captured and Imprissoned the terrorist Analosi in an EOD cell block.
  • Analosi Escaped, and damaged the cell badly.

Somewhat Recent

  • Allana lead several members of Echoes of Darkness against a radical faction of the Cult of Shilen after a break in at the Gludin Clan Hall.

Very Recent


  • Theren was gravely injurred after attempting to seek out a "prophecy" deep in an Einhasad Temple with Rhedyn, that may be related to the paladin's disappearance.
  • Allana's project to locate the paladin has been revealed completely to Olorae, and rumors are circulating as to the whereabouts of Rhedyn and Theren.